X Winery Cabernet - Three Pack

Hey, I have no cab in my cellar! Or almost none. Geez, I’ve even got some Merlot (not my favorite, by any measure) but no Cab! This Is Not Good.

Of course, I also have no money, so I’ll just press my nose to the glass and sigh. Y’all enjoy.

Hmm… The 2005 Amicus Cab has a release price of $22. It gets a 91 from Parker, and the 2006 is released at $55. I hate when that happens. I always respect when wineries keep their prices down, even when they get great scores. Carlisle is a great example.

This still looks like an interesting offer, though. I’ll have to think about this one.

Bought (edit, x-winery)the last time around, but haven’t had the occasion to open any of them yet. Too busy enjoying the ‘drink down’ of my large stock of Peter Wellington’s great wines purchased over the years.

Too much wine and too little time.

Edit: up at 4 am to do taxes this morning and was fried by the time an hour or so later when I looked at today’s offering. Re-visit showed me these are totally different offerings from the Sept 09 wine.woot. my bad.

No Kansas. :frowning:

I would give these a try if they shipped to VT. Sour grapes for me :slight_smile:

I got so excited when I saw that it was X Winery, but it was so disappointing to see it be all cab - it might be the only varietal from them I haven’t cared much for.

The Amicus I found to be especially disappointing - it’s fine - but that’s it. I found it to be somewhat flat otherwise.

I haven’t had the Tri County cab, so I might get it anyway. Hrm.

I would have hoped for whites if woot wanted to try something new, or replace the Amicus for their pinot.

[How good is this deal?](http://bit.ly/cQQhQK" title="How good is this deal?)

So close! This one falls just under the threshold for what the EWN likes to call an “Incredible Offer”, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good deal. Well, it does, actually. I guess, but it is still a very good deal!

Click the link above for full discount details, CT links and prices, and all the usual spreadsheet voodoo.

What is with the top on the inverted V bottle? It looks like it was dipped into a vat of red vinyl.

Alas, never a Wednesday rat. Never an anything rat for me. Good thing I have my own ratlab! :smiley:

Check out tasting notes at the aforementioned soc.sites though if you need to know more.

That deserves a double-quality post award! Nice work. :slight_smile:

What happened to Vermont? I have been ordering here for quite some time and now Vermont is not on list… I went to ShipCompliantBlog.com, and searched - there is no mention of Vermont changing the deal… anybody know whats up with this?

Ah, thanks for the information. This certainly makes the deal that much less tempting almost to the point where I would feign interest but that’s as far as it goes.

It’s dipped in some kind of wax or plastic. Pax does (or at least used to do) the same thing with some of their bottles. I don’t know if it has any practical purpose. It looks kinda cool, but it actually makes the bottles annoying to open, at least the stuff Pax used did.

I found a review of the X3 2007 cabernet at this site.

The winemakers at X Winery must like their Cabernet a bit on the earthy side, as the 2007 vintage of X3 has a similar dusty and earthy quality as the 2006. I liked it in that vintage and I like it in this one too. While there are some similarities, there are some differences. The fruit gives more of a blackberry, cherry and cassis aroma in this vintage. It still has the toasted oak and mushrooms, but there’s a touch of coffee in this one. The palate is big and well structured. Cherry flavors pop on the the palate (yes, I basically just said “it pops cherry”). Blackberry and cocoa round out the flavor profile. And the tannins in the 07 are just as velvety as the 06. While there are some nuances that distinguish it from the 2006 vintage, qualitatively it’s comparable and again gets an 88.

Wine: X Winery X3
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2007
Alcohol: 13.9%
Rating: 88
Price: $17.99

I’m in for 1 to find out for myself how this one and the other 2 fare.

Hello Wooter’s Gina Richmond, assistant winemaker at X. There are some of you who are interested in cellaring info. Our winemaking philosophy is to create wines that can be enjoyed now, however some terroirs (i.e. Spring Mountain and Napa Valley) allow for longer aging. With this in mind, X3 Tri-County Cab is age worth for 2 to 3 years, X Napa Cabernet 5 to 10 and Amicus Cabernet 10 to 20.

Come drink with me, is clearly the answer. Also because I want to be friends with someone named inkwench. :smiley:

Hey, fellow Vermonter here. The shipping is based on what states each winery ships to.

As for the style differences between the three:
X3 Cabernet has lots of fruit, soft and simple tannins and can be enjoyed with an everyday meal.
With the X Napa Cabernet you will find darker fruit characteristics, chocolate, richer texture and bigger yet supple tannins.
Amicus Cabernet offers classic Spring Mountain aromas of ripe raspberry and dark chocolate. There is slight hit of earthiness which adds to the complexity. Spring Mountain wines tend to have huge tannins that we have softened by using extended lees contact in barrel. This tannin structure is what leads to extended aging.
Napa and the Spring Mountain Cabernet are geared more towards those special dinners that offer heartier dishes such as beef and stews.

Parker is notorious for getting pricing wrong on his reviews, too many wines too little time to get everything straight. The Amicus Cabernet has always had a suggested retail price of $55 and always will.

I’d be concerned that it would suffocate the cork and wine. It could also allow bad stuff to grow in under there! :-o

I hope they’ll be around in 10 years and replace bottles that went bad because of latex wrapping when this is in its drinking prime.