Xact M2X X-Linx Two-Way FRS Radio – 2 Pack



Xact M2X X-Linx Two-Way FRS Radio – 2 Pack
$15.99+ $5 shipping

2 Xact M2X X-Linx Two-Way FRS Radio


Are those key chains?


Doesn’t anything have wires anymore?


Nifty! anyone know if these are push-to-talk?


Yikes… 2 mile range? That’s so old skewl.


awesome i needed some star trek communicators


they look pretty cool although i feel as though cell phones have all but phased out teh need for these things. Guess you could keep it for a rainy day or a catastrophe.


Xact M2X X-Linx Two-Way FRS Radio – 2 Pack?

Snakes on a Plane!


lol, read the description


Thanx for this Woot, now officially, my wife is off-limits for tonight, hope I get up tomorrow, and see a toaster, or a wireless keyboard so I can buy one, NOT, Woot, I just joined the “I hate U club”.


How many 2-ways can one person have…Let it go on those 2-mile 2-ways…


Maybe the button on front that says PTT (Push to Talk) has the answer


I saw the voice-activated, but I was wondering if there was a push to talk mode so the other party doesn’t hear my conversation with the hot dog vendor.

Edit: just saw the button on it. I didn’t realize what PTT was at first ^^;


I think there are only 50 of these prays to God


good price … and this would be great early xmas shopping if you know anyone who goes camping or hiking or hunting … they’d like it even better if they got three


how do you determine what percent of the woot is left?


Quick! Someone ask if these are Bluetooth! <ducks>


think of it this way. if you worked for them and had to be up at 4 AM, wouldn’t you fuck with us?


My kids would love these if only they came looking like Buzz Lightyear’s head.