Xact Seven Mile Professional Two-Way Radios



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Check it out, get a better deal or find out that this is the best. =)

Oh yeah, check out Regular Woot Checker as well. =)


We have a name for these in the real world: crap. Don’t work well, and the seven-mile radius is total BS.


It’s not Tuesday!


7 Miles will never happen. But will work well for dear hunting season.


Sweet! I can’t wait to get a set of these in my bag of crap


gmrs requires an fcc license, costs about $75… not that anyone gets one


Well…a set wouldn’t be so bad, but you’ll just get one…


If only the rechargable batteries and charger was included. Doesn’t seem practical powering it on 4 AA each.


was on Wood Aug 30th
Xact 2-Pack Handheld 2-Way Radio
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Xact BK2104 2-Pack Handheld 2-Way Radio
now they are cheaper
X-mas is coming, for a lower price I’m in for 2


So it seems sellout.woot.com is our NEW 2nd chance to purchase before it ends up in a BOC ?


Them yahoo don’t make it easy to get here, might need radios to keep the posse together…


Could use sellout.woot.com

And these will work well hunting anything with a trusted friend. Even squirrels.


That would be “deer”, not “dear”, unless you are hunting your spouse or bf/gf, which is illegal in all 50 states regardless of the season.


In Utah, we arm ourselves with lollipops for the dear hunting season.


Even though they look the same, it’s not the same part / model number. Woot does sell a crapload of FRS radios though.


sllout.woot.com takes me to yahoo shopping. Bookmarked main page last night, takes me to yahoo shopping. sellout. woot was not listed on yahoo shopping when I went there at1:40.
Had sellout private message page bookmarked. That bookmark took me back to that page. Clicking todat’s woot took me back to yahoo shopping-sellout woot not listed again.
favorite bookmark back to sellout private message, click the blog button, click discuss this.
10-4 What channel you be on, mate?


You sick sick people. Was referring to “dear” season with your wing man. You know some squirrels a lil’ tail.

Oh nm. Woot! mods understood.


Always 19


Do you get one or two for the 7.99? Look at product details it says:

What’s in the box:

2 Xact XGM-800 FRS/GMRS Radios