Xact WristLinx 22 Channel FRS/GMRS Wristwatch Communicator

Just one and not a pair?

I’m betting there’s an odd number of these… any takers?

what the heck is this?

only one of these now!??!

before you know it they’ll just be selling individual parts to a sansa.

Wear this while pretending to the Hoff, acting out scenes from Knight Rider…

OMG!! Didn’t we just do this?

Gimme a Zune or another hammeraxe!!!

It might be fun to play around with.

This will make my Batman costume for Halloween complete.

o a watch !!! omg i cant believe a watch is on sale !!!

in fur three

what’s the real range?

yikes server bash…


People with no arms eat your heart out


please no chronograph watches or whatever next.

Kick ass antennae!!!

awesome gift for the monkeys at home.


this WILL work on my Mac… right?