Xact WristLinx 22 Channel FRS/GMRS Wristwatch Communicator

Or maybe some armor from a preditor vs alien action figure!

These are great for ballgames,at the mall.
Ours have great range.

this should be good for finding friends at concerts. im in for 2

Arg , I bought 1 but not 2!

I’ve wooted a few of these and they do work pretty well.

So if the last woot-off was the woot-off of the mp3 player, does that mean this one is the woot-off of the watch/walkie-talkie?

it’s almost gone! woo hooo

Does anyone have the website that you can track the woot timing and get details? I used to have it but am on a different computer.

bot this the last time…never used it…by the time it charges and by the time I get the inclination to use it the charge is gone…the ultra-slim battery doesnt hold power at all…

got a set of dud batteries with the unit, called Xact who acted like they were surprised, and apparently everyone who had ordered got duds too…they made a big deal of sending me the repl but woot took it on themselves to replace it…

nice toy for the price, I paid nearly double…

range isnt too great, equals yr phone intercom

why do you think they have been on sale like forever ?

Now I can be Duck Twacy, the famous detec-a-tive!

in for 2 (duh)

just out of curiousity… how much did the pair of watch communicators go for before?

i’m in college and hoping to pick up on security’s frequency… :smiley:

Ok, I’m not usually one to gripe and moan,
but I just bought 3 x the two pack that was on earlier… granted they came with the headsets, but they were a lot more expdensive too…

if2. Should be a fun Christmas/gag gift


here’s one - http://woot.dswebhost.net/textonly.php

OK, I’ve never come close to the PG-13 rating of the Woot Board, but let me take this leap and stated unequivocally that this WOOT OFF SUCKS ASS

the best thing they’ve had so far is the back up alarm, and that would be only if you were going to prank someone with it…

No thanks, I wonder how heavy that thing is.

WooHoo Dweebs of the WWW Universe!!!

Dick Tracy anyone?

at least this gives me something to do besides pretending to read this manual on VLAN’s.