Xact X-Linx M4X FRS Radio – 2 Pack

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Xact X-Linx M4X FRS Radio – 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Xact X-Linx M4X FRS Radio

Looks like a good deal to me…froogle link

Maybe if the shape weren’t so weird…

No CTCSS…again :frowning:
Just like he last ones, worthless in a crowded area.

Odd Looking. Verrrrry odd looking. No thanx!

Wow… those are really ugly.

i have them work good but bad weather affects performance

2 mile range :-\ Id be all over it if it was at least 5.

why do radios need nipples? seriously, those look like something a child would use as a pacifier.

Yuck ~ I already look like a dork…

Does it come with an X-acto to help you slit your wrists if you are ever seen using them in public?

Strangest looking FRS radios I’ve ever seen…

Sweet! I wanna be Daisy Duke when we play Dukes of Hazard with these!!

I believe the University of Texas would be clad in white and BURNT orange, my friends.

No thanks for the walkie talkies. But thanks for the two pack of USB Hubs from last week!

Omg I can’t even bring myself to Froogle this. It’s 14.99 on Woot and 4.99 at Fry’s!
Put it in a random crap guys and back to the 62" televisions :slight_smile:

Woot 4 Ever,


two mile range on the plains of wyoming… otherwise about 10 yards

how many u get total? 2 or 4?

I got two of these last time (I do like the color scheme though, maybe I’ll get more)!

OMG did the people at acqusitions take a nap…Woot you’ve been robbed These are the same radios from the past…just a different uglier color??? May your bags of crap be many and full of woot.

Xact M3X X-Linx Two-Way FRS Radio – 2 Pac
Plus the description is exactly the same:
Up to Two-Mile Range
Digital Watch
22 Channels: Channels 1-14 FRS Channels 15-22 GMRS
FCC Self Licensing Necessary for GMRS Channels 15-22
VOX (Voice Activated)
Backlit LCD Display
Call Alert
Channel Scan
Electronic Volume Control
500mWTX Power
5.2 MHz Bandwidth
Fixed Antenna
Removeable Clip
Detachable Sports Cord
3 AAA Batteries (not included)

If I’m going to stay up another night I would appreciate a BOC, Pope Hat or a Woot Off! Also I can guarantee everyone else and I do not want to buy the same 2 fer that sucked before!!! The Woot plane is going down…mayday mayday!!!

Look like alarm clocks with nipples !!