Xact XG2500 2.4Ghz Cordless Headset Phone



great woot for the day before the weekend before the NYE… don’t you agree?.. and here’s useful linkage w/ CSE links… they’re reasonably useful today…


pretty sweet, ill have to think about getting 1 of these


pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Xact XG2500 2.4Ghz Cordless Headset Phone
condition: New

$22.99 + $5 shipping




If only it could be expandable with other headsets. Stuck with my unidens from woot! :slight_smile:


they picture if you look at it far enough away, it sortof looked like a SHOE

wtf sellout: are we going to see some jordans or something like that tomorrow ?


Too bad it isn’t 5.8 … may have tried it then, but 2.4 is just crap


If I didn’t have to worry about others sticking it in their ears to use it… then maybe. I’ll stick with my cell phone’s bluetooth headset and normal home phone.


Cant tell from the other sites on Froogle so I doubt it, but does this have the feature to not wig out from your wireless router?


IF it was 5.8, had caller id on the base and an answering machine with expandable handsets…

But, alas… it will interfere with my 2.4Ghz wireless security system…

I would really like an earpiece like this so I don’t have to run down one of the 3 handsets, THAT ARE NEVER IN THEIR BASE…


That might be a problem… I had to go to 5.8 phones and a/g router to stop interference from my 2.4 wireless security cameras…

BUT, perhaps some one can answer, does the DSS stop the interference?


People still use 2.4Ghz for security? I would of thought the $20 little “buzzers” that someone carries to make the cameras go nuts would of stopped that. hehe


it looks like some kind of futuristic rectal thermometer


Neiman Marcus has this for $67 (with the extra 25% off, it goes for $50.25), so this is definitely worth it on woot! if you want it.


Would that thought have something to do with the positioning of your head?


reviews say its painful to wear. Exactly what I was suspecting when I saw the pic. No minor flaw as far as I’m concerned.


That is a WEIRD looking phone…

That is all.

(NOT drunk enough to buy this.)


These sell for around 80 bucks, but wouldnt a regular headset be a little cheaper when you factor in that you would have to run and see whos calling you on a caller id? most cordless phones have a headset jack and most phones come with a belt clip. This is a great price from woot, but if you only have one phone jack in your mome, this would not be for you because theres no answering machine with it.


i hate those people who walk around with those bluetooth headsets.
jeremy clarkson was right. these things do make you look like a dork.
and having one as the home phone hits that point home even more.
i would definitely not buy.