Xact XG2500 2.4Ghz Cordless Headset Phone

did anybody else laugh when they saw this?

Hey, I got one of these!!! It works pretty well (a little unconfortable, but well)

if it was 5.8Ghz or DETEC I would have gone for it.

AHH!!! It scares me!


is it?

Can I be cool and walk around the grocery store with this in my ear?

what in the fucking fuck is this bullshit? where is my fucking shit ass eating bag of feces?

can i use this like a club

I want to hammer the server

Just what I wanted! A phone company on my ear!


who wants 2.4Ghz worth of phone waves running through your head?!

turns brain to mush…IMO

Looks like an anal probe.

I might consider it if I actually had a home phone…

iz dat sum fugly phone?

Come on woot get it on already i got frozen blocks of collies on my mind

I want to hammer the server

interesting… look ma no hands.

buy 3

It never fails !!! every woot off. They must have tons of these things in their warehouse. Lo1 !!!

atomicdeals.com has this right now with 28.14 and that price is dropping…so if you miss this one, you can check that one out.