Xantrex 100 Watt Power Inverter

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Xantrex 100 Watt Power Inverter [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Xantrex 813-0281 100w DC to AC Mobile Pocket Power Inverter

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xantrex makes a kickass inverter. not sure if this is a sine or square wave one, but definitely better quality than the Vector shit that used to be all over this site.

Something else I don’t need

/goes back to CSI Miami

How many USB ports does this thing have?

another inverter? :frowning:

This is great, normally I have to go all the way to Mosche Station to pick up my power inverters.

Now if only I could get a car with this wootoff to use such an inverter with. . .

Is this too small to power up a laptop?

In for 3!

My delllaptop charger runs at 90 watts, so this will run it fine.

Will this work with a Zune?

anyone know much about these things? 100 wats seems small, am I wrong?

Now I can charge my Android powered personal communicator and my laptop from the same device… all while enjoying the comfort that air conditioning offers.

In for two, so the wife doesn’t steal mine.

because of the last inverter i got on here, i will not get this one

simply based on the fact that the power cord seperates from the base unit (which can cause connection issues)

good luck with this one
kinda mad i missed the begining of this woot-off with the ONE solid base 150w unit

bring that one back and ill buy it woot!!!

So essentially this is a cell phone car charger.

In for 3, now I can charge my BlueTooth headset in my car.

And it looks like 2 1 USB ports and 1 power plug on the unit.

Edit: 1 USB port and 1 power plug

Maybe not. This will do 100watts for 5 mins, 80watts continuous. Read the specs.

Your laptop probably won’t be pulling 90watts continuous, but it is right at the limit. Maye trigger a fuse or inverter safety shutdown.

Isn’t Xantrex a yeast-infection medicine?

Or, like the post said, you could use to to charge anything that accepts a USB (cameras, notably).