Xantrex XPocket Power Mobile Power Source 100-Watt Inverter



Hey lookie there, something useful. I’m in.


Watt did you say?

I am just too slow to grab the headphones :frowning:

If it were a little stronger I’d go for one.

This is superbly awesome when you want to charge your ipod in the car. or iphone, or any other usb powered device!


“Your stories are on!”

The description was written by my grandma. Hi grandma! Love you!

time for a cigarette


What is this thing?

It was this or the gr8x Baby Traveller Deluxe Messenger Bag. I went with this.

my kinda woman


Xantrex is THE BRAND.
Practically invented the sine wave inverter.

This woot out is perfect for The Family Man-spy.

-eMachines for crunching that code
-Blenders for late night recharges from fights with Special Forces people
-Gaming Headsets for gaming, what else?
-SOG Field Pup for opening boxes, duh
-Marinater for when a man needs his marinated meat on the job when he’s away from the marinating friendly marinater at home

they need a like button on here.