Xbox 360 & Controller

For $35 more you can buy a new 4GB console (still the old model) and a 250GB drive… I know what I’d do.


the 4gb model was $99 new in november. on amazon, walmart, etc.

Yay, a wired controller for an obsolete system

Can you still stream WatchESPN for free on these? Or, is that a pay service now, too?

Gamestop has an older model used with 6 games and a 20 GB HD for the same price as the 2 GB one sold here…

I wouldn’t recommend buying the Gamestop one online. They don’t guarantee that you will get one with an HDMI connection. They do sell some in the stores so you can be sure of what you get. My XBOX 360 died so I need a replacement. I was hoping there would be better deals since it is such old technology.

It is free, but you have to have an Xbox Live Gold membership and a log in for a TV provider account, such as Time Warner, that will grant you access to WatchEspn has used 4gb consoles for $90 if you are ok with used (I AM!)

Refurbished is just pollished working used here anyway
It’s not like anyone is resoldiering faulty gpus

Are they still making games for this? Typically only play sports games. Also interested in COD and GTA V.

Will the new madden or baseball game be released on this?

My old original Xbox finally died. Time to upgrade I suppose.

Also I have the option of picking up Xbox one around $350. However I heard you must use online and pay yearly fee to use…is that true?

Not sure what the best bet is.

Also to answer the possible question. In Midwest area there is a store called Meijer. They have 15% off this weekend + I get another 15% with CC and another 10% as an employee.


Nope, you can use it without buying xbox live, however, like the 360 you will need to pay for xbox live gold to use most of the online services (netflx, online gaming…). you will also need to connect to xbox live before you can use the Xbox one. If I were you I would go with the xbox one. It is the end of the 360 and with the one you will have a good 7-10 years of new content as opposed to 1 or maybe two with the 360.

OR: Yay, a standardized controller supported by the majority of computer OS and games!


I agree, I got the red ring of death and took my xbox apart, fixed the basic problem, put it all back together and it worked great! A couple months later I upgraded to an xbox one and this xbox was so old that the sticker inside that shows GameStop that I was in there wasnt even working properly so they returned the xbox as used and will end up eventually selling it in the store as so. The only xbox’s they return are ones that actually have the ring or need to be refurbished, so you may get a cheap system about to fall apart.

I was thinking of picking one of these up for PC use. However, the reviews for this particular controller don’t seem that good.

does it work on pc?

Yes, Xbox360 controllers are PC compatible, and have actually become the standardized controller for most PC games. So, for the majority of games released in the last several years, you won’t have to configure your controller at all.

I don’t know what kind of quality this particular brand of controller has, though.

Quick note here: Yes, XBOX 360 Controllers (wireless and wired) are PC compatible.

However, the “Plug and Play” adapter does not act as a wired connection to a wireless controller. You either have wired controller or xbox 360 USB wireless connection/adapter.

I picked up a wireless adapter via ebay last week for $6.50, and it works great.