Xbox 360 Kinect Holiday Bundle w/3 Games

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Xbox 360 Kinect Holiday Bundle w/3 Games
Price: $279.99
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Condition: New


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I love my Xbox Kinect. I got it, along with these same games for a little less than this with an Amazon Gold Box deal a couple months back. The good thing about being late to the party… tons of cheap used games.

Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at and

Lot’s of additional info over at the

I still play the hell out of my 360. Was planning an upgrade to the XBox One but, vehicle repairs got in the way… ohhhhh life.

Wasnt this bundle $199 during holiday sales last fall?

i would definitely be in at $199. on the fence at $279.

I saw it for $250 at bestbuy. If you know the SKU, you can still bring it up on bestbuy website for purchase. Employee did it for me in the store. But that only had two games. For what it’s worth, Microsoft has “guaranteed” five more years of game compatibility for the 360. I might just jump on this.

I think the $199 deal was for the 4GB hard drive whereas this has the 250GB. Not a bad deal but with the next gen out this is probably going to become a common price-point most places.

This seems overpriced even at that amount.

In case you meant this deal, it doesn’t come with Kinect - “Pair the Xbox 360 with Kinect (sold separately)”

At this price, you might as well pick yourself a brand new Nintendo 32G Wii U Deluxe Set with a touch-screen controller, bundled with 2 Super Mario Games. u console


I believe you’re correct, and that offer also required you to sign up for XBL for like a year or two.

Agreed. I saw an xbox on woot and thought “my chance to join the conspiracy has arrived!” then I realized that I was expecting to see this for about half of the listed price. Oh well, maybe next year…

Wasn’t trying to start an xbox vs ps vs Nintendo war. Was just tossing out an opinion of getting something old vs something newer for the same price. I agree with others. I thought we were going to see an XBox Bundle price under $200. Here’s a recent article from Gamespot on Why you should buy a WiiU in 2014 though: Why You Should Buy a Wii U in 2014 - GameSpot

If we are having a classic Microsoft hardware day you can add this:


The $250 deal you’re comparing to Best Buy is for the 4GB HD. This is for the 250GB HD and it comes with 3 games.

I found it here at Amazon, and here [at Best Buy,](;jsessionid=BA2C371823767393A537FBAF28839D76.bbolsp-app03-158?id=1219067239815&skuId=1935673&st=360 kinect holiday bundle&cp=1&lp=2) both for more than this woot!

This isn’t a bad deal considering this is a NEW system and not a refurb. And by NEW system, I also mean it’s the 360 that’ll compliment your new Xbox One when you decide to upgrade.

You wonder why you’ll still need your 360? Well, the truth is that the One isn’t backwards compatible with 360 games due to the newer hardware. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of Xbox One facts.

Again, this isn’t a bad deal because you get 3 games and the 250gb HD. Now if you haven’t purchased a 360 yet, this one is probably only worth it if you’re planning on going back through 8 years of releases and playing some pretty great, Xbox 360 exclusive titles!

We got this EXACT bundle from Amazon last October for a Christmas gift. It is a very nice bundle with the bigger HD, Kinect, and three games. NOTE that the Forza game is NOT an actual disc! You need to download it to the HD from Xbox Live. It takes a long time to download, and will consume quite a few GB of space. But it is a great game.

Now for the deal?? NOT a deal at all unless you need it NOW! We paid $249 on Amazon and the Microsoft store had it for the same price. A couple weeks earlier, Amazon had it for $229 or $239 during a flash sale. Also, if these games are not to your liking, there are plenty of other ‘bundles’ that may still be available with different games, with or without Kinect, 4 GB or 250 GB HD (although I don’t know why anyone would get the 4 GB…), etc. So, as this may be an ‘ok’ price today, it’s certainly not a great ‘GOTTA buy it today’ price…

This was our family’s first Microsoft game system, and I’ve got to say, it is great… highly recommend, just be patient, and you’ll likely find a much better price/bundle.