Xbox Core Wireless Controller

Xbox Core Wireless Controller

Very classy how when things are shifted (new sale name, category, etc.) the exact same listing becomes a brand new listing while deleting the previous forum comments on the product.

Seems a bit sneaky since sales I’ve missed will pop back into my cart when they are re listed (even under a different title) so I can spend $$$ but the info from the forums…disappears.

Or as ThunderThighs is often wont to do… is DISAPPEARED when inconvenient.

who are these forums for? Why are they here?

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The comments DON’T disappear. It’s a new thread.

Two most recent threads:

Xbox Core Wireless Controller

Xbox Core Wireless Controller

Are you asking for a philosophical answer?

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


Having been recently frustrated to see safety discussions not present on new Aduro listings, it would be beneficial for forum posts about the same item to be visible on that item. Possibly something to request as an Appsclusive lol

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Right. It’s a new thread.

And no one will look for the old one.

Or it’s a chafing pain to.

Need balm.

Edit: I shouldn’t have said deleted, those were my other recent comments, deemed to be unspeakable.

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No a real answer.

What practical purpose do the forums hold?

Not to mention, although I’m sure instancing and folder optimization helps, by separating all these posts there’s now likely separate, unoptimized .csv or .txt files cluttering the forum server(s)

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Hey!.. And here’s a real reason to clean up the forum mess!

Good on ya, wazbaz

(Adding TheWeary to any title/name is a +1 in my book)

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Hey now!

They’re still better than the old forums, so progress is being made. :w_tongue:

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@ThunderThighs, any backend wizards at HQ that might have some ideas?

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“I don’t miss the old Woot”

Ahh… I see what you did there! :crazy_face:

It’s the way our system works. We start new sales for various reasons - different type of sale (daily vs non-daily), new purchase order, etc.

When a new sale is created, it gets a new thread.

The old forums were the same way.


Well Wazbaz…

There you go, it can’t be fixed.

I could rephrase my original post (as the concerns and problems mentioned are still valid and the lack of fix seems sketchy), but I’ve posted similar before.

I wouldn’t bother trying to offer other methods or help to the staff or mods or you’ll get coal in your stocking.

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Like here?

Back & Body Massager Pillow Mini - #2 by ChiefTruthseer

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Isn’t coal expensive?

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There is nothing to fix. Tracking each item sale uniquely and any forum discussions are tied to this unique instance. That’s the design.

Here is an unrelated gif.

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That’s right.

The issue is just not an issue.

Got it.

Here’s an unrelated gif:

drowning GIF

Santa don’t play with our rules

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Yep just like that

Thank you for the very informative description in any case, that makes sense given the way listed item models are frequently updated/refurbished/etc. Any thoughts on somehow linking previous listings for comparison? I’d be interested in a big ol spreadsheet, but as that puts me in an extreme minority of number lovers, maybe a product history tab in the map?