Xbox Live 12-Month Starter Kit


Xbox Live 12-Month Starter Kit - Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Item qty: 1000, Last Order: 3:11 AM CST, Wooter to blame: bainst
Order Pace: 0m 21.011s, Woot Wage: $10,963.42/hour.


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This product is sold out, but our Quality Posts will never sell you out:
[]p2, ogreeley makes three statments, one of which is “a bit of an exaggeration”
]p3, kevo152 is “tired of uninformed retarded customers”
[]p3, dlandvw assures us this kit “definitely works with the 360”
]p3, redjeep0 explains why he is “in for three of these”
[]p3, jsaya links to a whole mess of info, other deals, etc.
]p3, jeffschell74 compiles his own hilarious “discussion summary”
[*]p4, Cornelius points out some alleged inaccuracies in our description


nice gift put me down for one




Nice woot! Too bad I don’t got no XBox…


well this should last about 20 mins


Great Product…alright price…dont think it will work with 360 though


interesting woot…not bad but already have it…gd’nite


wish i had an xbox…no thanks woot


I guess I would like this if I actually had an xbox


Well, this is really cool! If only I had an Xbox…


already got it. 1st! WOOT


good price?


Don’t need it, bring out some good woot…=(


$35?? Cool!

Oh wait. Xbox2 not included. D’oh!


Too bad 360 is out!


not for me, i need a new razor or a good remote control.


I stayed up for this??!! I was hopin for a tv damn this woot!


old news who cares about this anymore??? not good with the 360!!!


great price, but not for me… to bed I go.