Xbox One 500GB with 5 Games

are those the five games you get, or can you get five other games

No more 5 games, you only can get the 5 games listed.

Not sure why you would buy this except for the game value. The Xbox One S, 500 gb is out is a couple of weeks and it’s only $299 new.

Why do you think they’ve pushed these down people’s throats for the last 6 months? They wanna sell as many off as they can.

Xbox S has a new controller, 40% smaller, internal power supply so you no longer have the brick… and overall just a better console EVEN if you don’t use a 4K tv.

For those of us that just play Madden all year this will due, but I’m curious if the controller is wireless… and is it a newer controller with the headset jack in it?

The controller is wireless, but the included controller does not have the headphone jack in it.