Xbox One Console With Kinect & Star Wars Battlefront

399 at target brand new in the box comes with 3 kinect games.

PLUS they give you two free games UNDER $59 each

I almost never play games, even on my Xbox360. Nevertheless, Battlefront and the new Halo look very impressive. Today I received an email as a Windows10 insider that said Windows10 is coming soon as a download to Xbox One. That prompted me to pull the trigger on this since I can justify it as another desktop computer. Yay!

Target does not have in stock anywhere. This looks to be the best Kinect package around.

Delivered today! Two days after I ordered it! Amazing! Good job Woot!

This does not look to be the deluxe version of battlefront, which has a whole other stage/planet so if that’s what you were wanting, well, this is not the bundle you are looking for. (ducking)

What is the warranty term on this item? Is it refurbed by Microsoft? Does microsoft cover the warranty if it breaks or is that a third party issue?

I’m hoping that you’re kidding, but you’re not getting desktop Windows 10 on an XBox. Instead, you’re getting newer XBox One software that has a Windows 10 kernel instead of the Windows 8 kernel.

The new software does let you stream content to a Windows 10 PC, though.

Includes complimentary Potato!

Disclaimer: Potato may be slightly more powerful than Xbox One included in deal.