Xbox One Console with Star Wars Battlefront

Is this a good deal? I want Battlefront So bad… and don’t have an xboxone… the responsible part of my brain says don’t do it. It knows fallout 4 and batman will come soon after

I wish this was the 1TB version instead of 500GB. You can get a NEW 1TB one from amazon with 4 games for $399.
Looks like a refurb 500gb one on amazon is $300, so you’re basically getting Battlefront for half price?

I was the first to grab this and so glad I did. Battlefront is the best game I’ve ever played. Amazing. If you are a gamer, this is the bomb. If you are gamer who also loves Star Wars, you are in heaven. Played on an 80" 4k TV with 7.2 surround sound today. Freaking wow.

As far as refurb versus new… I bought the original Xbox new and it went dead (ring of death) after a month. Microsoft replaced my new Xbox (that I bought and waited in stupid lines for on Black Friday) with a refurb. It still works great today 5 or 6 years later. Then bought a new Xbox 360 a couple of years later. Dead within days. Again, was shipped a refurb for replacement and it still works great. I had to get Xbox One when this game was launched. So I skipped the whole “rush to the store to maybe get a discount only to put up with crazy shoppers and long lines” to get something that I know was tested and working before it was shipped out. In summation, Battlefront is awesome and don’t fear refurb.

the 500 gb gears of war bundle on amazon is currently $326, and you can add a full priced game (battlefront, halo, etc) to your cart and it is free with purchase

Tough call. This Fifa 16 + Fallout four w/ 1TB for $399 bundle is calling out to me… Must resist all together…

Worrying about the size of the HD is stupid . . . get the 500 GB one and buy any USB harddrive and attach it to the Xbone and you’ve got plenty of storage. I bought a WD 3 TB drive for less than $70 and I’m in download heaven now. I no longer buy physical copies of games, just download them and start playing them as soon as they release. Since all AAA games now come with a sizable Day one patch since the game was still beta when they proclaimed it “gold” pre-ordering the digital copy insures that when the update is released, you’ve already got it and not having to wait several more hours in some cases before you can play.

It does have a 90 warrant which is more than you’d get at a GameStop. I’m not a fan of the game, nothing like SWB 1 and 2, but its still a pretty good deal if you liked the game and enjoy just multiplayer.

where is this can you link to it?

Yeah, but that’s $70 extra dollars to factor into the price. If you could get the 1TB drive for this price it’d be great.
As for buying all digital copies of games, you must be rich. I usually wait for the physical disc to be on sale. (or get them used) It takes a LONG time for digital copies to come down in price. I understand that you have to store DL content on the hard drive anyway, so the physical disc isn’t as useful and can be annoying to put it in the tray when switching games. I tend to copy my physical disc to the hard drive anyway so the disc doesn’t have to spin up while playing and it tends to be a bit faster loading. (some games require it to be copied to the hard drive)

All I know is 500GB isn’t a lot of space when games like Destiny with all the DL content now require 60GB of space.

If you already have an external hard drive, then size isn’t really a factor. Have you noticed any slowness when accessing content on your 3TB external drive?
Look down the page a bit where it shows “Bonus Offer” in yellow font.
More info here:

Includes complimentary Potato!

Disclaimer: Potato may be slightly more powerful than Xbox One included in deal.

JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS, Walmart, target and probably a couple others will have xbox one + gears of war for 300$ for black friday deals this year. You could probaby find battlefront for cheap, used; or just wait it out and get it cheap…either way you will have one more game than if you buy now.