Xbox Wireless Controller - Black

Xbox Wireless Controller - Black

$40? Falls squarely in the Meh category

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No, would have a better deal than this

Well, well look who gathered there better thoughts and decided to come back to sanity after a for sure we did hear the last of him light bulb blowout to post about a really great con-roller I emphasize the “con.” You will find better prices if you don’t mind searching.

Especially w the holidays fast approaching

I’ve bought a couple from woot for cheaper in the past.

So could you translate this to American English because we don’t know what you’re talking about.

@Williamdavi I got nothing.

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Don’t make me laugh like that when I’m starting to get tired. I’m gonna be up forever

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XBox controllers are going for $40/unit? I have a tone of these in my shed.

You had to be there…maybe just maybe during the next much, much more crappier woot off we will reamp the past with Davi.

4 words " miss the old woot much" actually 5

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Pretty sure this is Xbox one according to newer review years. Don’t hold me to it although if this is Xbox 360 I’m out way out targets discontinued clearance rack would be in. English anyway you look at it the price is going price not exclusive at all.

Woot blew it again big let down similar to earlier week woot off although I only saw evening crap off so I may have’ve missed something at a outstanding price during work. Highly doubt it though since the 4.98 light bulb that sent others to the deep end made me a believer. Even the BoC weren't frequent enough every 80 min common woot if you want us to keep coming back give us something worth buying that we really shouldn't be...have no room left for internet priced #!^. If the items not 50-90% during a woot off it shouldn’t even be considered. Let’s not buy at all and see if the deals get highly better. It works for athletes, Hollywood A stars and show me the money Jerry Maguires’. Remember Magic J over fault aids and OJ and even King of pop were acquitted so everything is possible if you believe that monkey just got you wet from a water hose oh know news flash! Where did that monkey get water from? mouth let’s hope…he wasn’t just winding his watch for 30 seconds was he?

Woot aims to disappoint.

But who buys things from Woot anyways? I know I don’t.

And logic dictates that if I don’t buy stuff from Woot, then NOBODY does.

Then again, logic on the internet is a dangerous thing.

Some things I still have great sets of wiper blades from 3 years back. Not just okay wipers top notch Bosh evolution paid only $4 each. Sonics replacements $4, usb mouse $1 so yeah I buy if I know its actually a steal.

I’m sure you can remember something you’ve bought or rather stole if it was free with stacked coupons.

Also, what do you mean those sales per a state that TT yelps about are actual woot bots or amazon associates repurchasing there inventory for tax claims? I’m not sure if I understand your logic I’m highly intelligent yet I’m lost. Are you saying your Logic the hip hop artist?

Would something that’s free be considered a purchase though?

Yeah I actually have the original whole set of toy story action figures sealed.

So consider me bot’ted as well I hope that’s actually a good thing. Webster what’cha talking about willis.

Reading this thread… there’s such deep thoughts and wisdom goin’ on!