Xenomorph Dark Ale

OMG this is amazing. I want to face hug this shirt

Comment, Because that is an awesome pic.

DOUBLE THE HEAD ON THIS ALE! An acid like after burn, and a terrible stomach ache afterward.

But totally worth it, I swear.

Xenomorph, an Ale with serious Hops

Comment, because I like free stuff.

Can’t win if you don’t comment. Although this is clearly an IPA (interterrestrial pale ale).

I need a drink after seeing that face.


Super instabuy! Sayer’s design style is outstanding. Glad to see Jonesey included.

ETA: And I don’t even drink.

Anything. Anything

A giveaway? Nice.

Bought on site. (sight)

Pretty gnarles super dark and tasty artwork. Great imagery!

I have nothing of value to say at the moment, but I certainly like the art enough that I’d like to put it next to my Giger pieces. :smiley:

I’m a kiwi not and Aussie…

Ugg I’m torn its alcohol related so ugg but at the same time xenomorphs.

I just won the prize!

Facehug twofers!

Forget the shirt…i want the beer! (although the shirt will have to do lol)