Xenomorphing Stones

Just plain creepy.

Well, that’s the opposite of cute. And probably a good lead in to a weekend of Lovecraft (although there is an awful lot of cute to be found there).

Salivating over an alien kiss. Or not.

What a nice ending to Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea of a Mick Jagger alien mouth is terrifying.

Great. I’m going to have nightmares about that one.

Got me one. Bad azz.

Sticky fingers? No, missing fingers!

As an aficionado for all things xenomorphic, and a fan of at least half of the Stones’ tracks, I like this.

I have now provided my opinion and you may all proceed with your respective days.


That explains how people can sing in harmony when they’re alone.

This design is hilarious! Immediately recognizable, yet twisted enough to draw a double-take. I like that it takes a beat to piece together the movie reference – bound to be a conversation starter!

Looks like copyrighted material to me.

It is copyright material.
I see someone getting a cease and desist.
Bootlegging the Rolling Stones?
can i setup wootmorph.com?

Thanks, Woot! Great reminder that I need to make the kid an orthodontist appointment.

This is SICK and WRONG.

I am so getting one…

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