This shirt makes me hot-blooded. Well, acid-blooded really.

Holy crap. The worst chills just went down my spine.

Never hug anything that may cause a creature to burst out of your chest.

Niiiice. Very cool.

Plenty of free hugs this week.

I think this rocks…it’s clever…and geeky…

NO THANKS facehugger!

This shirt is freaking me out.

Waitress! Waitress! What did he order?

Oh, He had the Special.


Although, it makes me sad how many people in the “Free Hugs” movement are probably too young to get the reference. TT.TT

You! Yes, you reading this. If you haven’t yet, go watch Alien. You will thank me later.

I would buy this if the shirt was made in America. But alas…

Really Woot gods? My commentary was too controversial and had to be deleted? I didn’t think it was inappropriate.

Anyway, to be “tamer,” Facehuggers aren’t something I really want on my shirt… too many creepy vibes.

To each their own I suppose. Nice design and clever idea either way.

Woot has been on a hugging spree these last few weeks, even using the same species.

Ah yes, that monster from the hit movie “Alien creatures”. The dreaded chest huggers.

Too giddy! Awesome reference! I named our first son after the “android” in this movie. That’s how much I <3 it!

You named your son Dot Matrix? Maybe I’m thinking of a different movie.

What part of fuck that shit dont you understand.

i want a chest burster shirt :smiley:

Yes, your description invoked a word filter for an unnecessary word. PG-13 and all, you know.