Xerox WorkCentre 5325 Multifunction Printer/Copier

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Xerox WorkCentre 5325 Multifunction Printer/Copier
Price: $899.99
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Condition: New


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I like the 100k duty cycle and 11k toner, but 25ppm and only 110 pages per tray? Eh…

$202 for toner cartridge, though claimed to be good for 30k pages.

The list price for this printer is about $6k. I found sale listings around $3k, so this is quite a markdown for an item still “new.”

Most multi-function printers are slow. I have a few beasts of Xerox’s that we do 40,000 prints a night on. The fastest machine we use is the HLC180 which gives us 180 pages per minute. Our newest machine is the size of a bus and does around 80 pages per minute and that’s considered top of the line at Xerox Business right now. Under 30 pages per minute is pretty standard for a copier/printer of this size.

With that being said, you really should get a Xerox Account Rep to handle your business needs. These machines go down a lot and when they do, they require maintenance that most end-users are incapable of. Sure you can do it yourself, but the parts cost alone will make a service contract worth it.

$900 for this machine new is a hell of a deal compared to what most companies pay for them.

The 110 page tray is for the scanner. The paper feeds from 2 520 page trays.

This is a good deal. As mentioned, if possible to get a service contract, that’s even better.

Prices for a 1 year service contract appear to be greater than the woot price of this unit. Cheaper to buy two than to service one!

Well, that service contract includes PARTS and labor. It can be pretty costly to replace worn out parts or fried electronics. So a contract my be worth it. If you can afford to have your printer down for 3 weeks, then maybe you don’t need service.

P.S. I used to service Xerox high speed printers and you would be surprised how many replacement parts listed at over $1,000.

If you use this thing a lot, you’re going to be glad that you paid for that service contract. Copiers that get used a lot, break down a lot. Even if you have two and you wheel out the backup when the first one breaks, you’re going to want to repair that first one, and eventually the backup is going to break down too.

Not surprised at all, this printer lists for about $6k, so I’d expect that buying the whole unit as individual replacement parts would be on the order of $12k. That’s why buying two so that you’ve got a full set of replacement parts could be very attractive by comparison. You’d still have to pay for repair labor, of course.

The point to be made here is that total cost of ownership of this printer will be high, because spare parts and labor will be representative of a $6k product, not the <$1k that woot is pricing it at.

Doesn’t say works with windows 10? What gives? anyone know if scanner works with color…I know it only prints in monochrome.

Scanning 600 x 600 24bit color
Windows 10 is supported

Does some document state the windows 10 compatibility? I have been looking for it even on Xerox’s website?

Do you guys see a Square Trade Extended Warranty option for $83 - Amazon says they see it - I cannot - please help

yes I see it for 83.99 for 2 years under the picture

Top of the features tab above the “IMPORTANT DELIVERY NOTICE.” $83.99 for two years, $109.99 for three years - that’s much cheaper than Xerox’s service contract. Based on the way they quote, it appears that they price it based upon the item’s purchase price on woot rather than the list price.

Precision Roller has never let me down with a toner purchase, and prices are way lower. Xerox WorkCentre 5325 Toner Cartridges

I used to work for Xerox testing these models, the scanning sounds about right to me. Xerox uses a universal print driver so one driver works with most machines, you can get a more specific one for some as well. This machine probably only does PCL since it’s cheap. The 53xx was a super popular model so they’ll be supporting it forever.