Xerox WorkCentre 5325 Multifunction Printer/Copier

Hi there. It’s at the top of the features.

NOTE: SqTr only covers items for personal use, not commercial.

If you need to print ledger, this makes this a huge value. Laser printers alone that can print this size are $$$$.

(Inkjet can be had for less, but business class machines that can handle higher volumes still cost $$$.)

Windows 10 is not listed on the specs. Are you “sure” Windows 10 is truly supported - if so, the spec sheet needs updated.

There must be a universal driver around that does win 10

Just my 2 cents. WE use these in our office. They are NICE, BUT they do break down a lot (almost weekly) and i don’t mean user fixable issues like paper jams.

That just makes sense, because they’re on sale here at Woot the harbinger of all things high quality and not at all a lemon or at the end of it’s product cycle because it’s terrible… #sarcasm

most xerox machines can print pdfs with no print driver just by entering in ip adress in an internet explorer window,you can push the file to it no driver required but that just for pdf

I see this is a laser printer that can handle 11x17 size paper. Something rare!

However I couldn’t find any information regarding the largest printable area for this printer. In other words what is the minimum printable margin to the edge of the paper, for regular letter, legal, as well as ledger size paper?