Xhose Pro 100'

reviews of this brand/company tell me to stay far, far away from this.

Bought one of these new improved ones with the all brass fittings. Seemed great for the first few uses, but if you leave it out in the sun at all, it deteriorates, and the 4th time I turned the water on, it spewed water out the entire length of the hose. Junk.

These effers are dangerous! We picked one up at a bargain sale. Knowing the previous issues about this style of hose, we made sure to to fully discharge the hose after each use and store in the shade.
At the 6 week mark when I turned the hose on & it reached full pressure, it suddenly separated at the nozzle fitting. As the hose broke free from the brass fitting, the force of separation was so strong it left a half inch long cut on the side of my right breast as the hose wildly whipped around (I was wearing a swim suit top while gardening). I was bruised for a solid week.

Damned lucky it missed my face. If you buy one, please make sure not to use it around the crumb crunchers. I cringe when I think what damage this could possibly do to a child’s face.

Run away from this product. I bought 4 hoses and everyone failed after a few weeks. Tried to contact XHose to no avail regarding replacement or a refund. Bad design in the connection from the inside rubber hose to fitting connection.

I appreciate each of you taking the time to write and woot for posting

Thank you for posting the information about this product. Have been needing to pick up another expandable hose but will definitely be avoiding this one.

Bought 2 of these pieces of cr@p from another store. Both failed after a couple of uses. DO NOT BUY THESE.

If anyone has a hose of this style that has passed the 5 year mark with regular use I’d like to know the brand.

Never owned this brand but wanted to see what others had to say, so thanks to those who took the time to share.

With that said, has anyone had any brand of this style hose last more than 2 seasons of regular use? I haven’t. Family, friends haven’t. I have even approached strangers at marinas and asked what their experience has been. No one I have asked has had one that was more than 2 years old.

Seems like these are all short lived disposable items?

I purchased two 75’. together they hardly reached 50’. After using them to water the plants on my porch for about a month they started to leak at the hose attaches to the coupling. A wast of money.

I think we all need to send a message to Woot to stop trying to pawn junk off on us are we are going to no longer trust anything they are selling.

Hey Woot, even if you were not doing your research when buying, why aren’t you pulling this off the shelf knowing how bad it is???

Hey all! We know that we sell crap now and then. Woot has since day one. It’s who we are. We also know that wooters are savvy and will research before buying. If you want this kind of hose, it’s a good price.

Well, that’s refreshing! An honest answer!!! Thank you!!!

Since no one else in Washington knows how to tell the truth I am going to write-in Woot! for President!

Not a good hose at any price. You might as well set fire to your money right now.

Seriously?? $30?? Even if it is for $1, if it does not work, it is not a good price!

There is nothing far enough on this earth grin

Xhose - ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!! Went through 6 of these with an average life of 20 mins.

The sad thing is, the collapsible hose is such a great idea but no one can make it work / last. If they could come up with one that lasts, I was kindly pay $100 for one since traditional hoses suck!

I agree. BUT, complete honesty would be to declare in the description that this item “is crap but here it is if you have a burning desire to buy crap.”