Xhose Pro 100'

Whew! I dodged a bullet on this one. Was seriously considering one of these til I read all the reviews. Thanks to all who took the time to write one.

^ Correct!!!

ditto, me too… at least 1 of the posters (above) could have considered legal options (IMO)

These things should be taken off the market if personal injury is of concern…

Dont buy these hoses. We had one of the green versions at the fire house. After washing a truck twice it started to leak all over the place. Its junk. Stick with regular hoses.

Absolute garbage. Bought two through Woot.
BOTH burst on the first use. Gave them as Father’s Day presents. How embarrassing.

Bad Buy!!!

I’ve had both these and the green ones and, so far, every one of them has started leaking somewhere within a few months. HOWEVER, I’ve also learned a few things in the process. You can’t leave them out in the sun. You can’t “pinch” them which happens when you catch them under a car tire or pull on them when they’re kinked. Apparently this creates a weak spot which will soon spring a leak. To get as much life out of them as possible ALWAYS make sure the pressure is completely relieved. Pick them up while they’re decompressing if they’re on a rough surface like a driveway.

Yes, it seems like a lot of trouble but, in spite of everything I keep replacing them because, more than anything, I hate wrestling with heavy, uncooperative rubber hoses.

Woot knows they sell crap, is that what I read? Any reputable company would do their own research and treat their customers with confidence and integrity of providing quality products instead of “Crap every now and then”. No wonder my purchases from Woot have just about gone away. Doing business with a company who admits they sell crap!!!

Right on!

And if you’re not savvy and you get screwed… too bad.

Woot has joked about selling crap, but didn’t really start selling true crap until maybe a year into the Amazon takeover. Woot would previously joke DO NOT BUY THIS, and so on, but always with a caveat that just enough people will find it useful. They would lay out the products shortcomings, and then explain situations where the shortcomings wouldn’t be an issue. If you sold the hose in that manner, maybe we wouldn’t take issue with it.

In fact, you’re now treating customers like idiots. The ‘Top comments’ for this product is begging for a post. Well, guess what, there are a TON OF USEFUL POSTS. All of them imply that this product isn’t worth the shipping if it were free.

You’ve lost a customer today, although I’ve been on the fence for a while. Trying to peddle actual junk and then coming in with that “oh hey, we totally knew you would realize it was crap. We just didn’t mention it, link to any reviews and refused to put any negative information in the top comments because you guys are so smart you don’t need us to do that!” Anyone that buys that line, might as well buy this hose.

Wow Soooo glad I came here and read the reviews.New to woot (only a few days) and really kinda shocked that staff came out and said yeah we sell crap for lots of money and don’t tell you its crap. What kind of shady used car sales-guy BS is that? 30 Comments on this product ALL of them bad and yet nothing makes it to the main page letting people know.

I can’t believe that anyone is buying these. They may be good for something, but using them as a hose can’t be the reason. Possibly squirrel bungee jumping?

These are actually worse than the King of Shaves.

You guys know what I’m talking about.

I posted this in the 75ft hose offerings. However I decided to also post this here for those that may be considering this troubled invention…

Pure garbage. It should be a crime selling this gimmick of a hose. My 3rd hose just broke on me a few days ago after only owning it for a month.

I should have learned when the first and second broke. These hoses cant withstand the pressure of regular faucet water running through them.

Once you stop watering with the attached sprayer, the rubber hose becomes so hard and rigid (as it bloats up with the water from within) that it ultimately breaks through the cheap hose covering.

It’s like filling a water balloon with water. It will eventually become so filled that it will pop. That’s exactly what has happened to all of these.

Nice concept, unfortunately bad design.

Better sticking with the real rubber garden hose.

Used only 4 or 5 times. Now more water comes out of the side if the hose than out of the end. Stay away, it’s junk!

Failed after the 2nd use. Water poured out near the faucet connection. Absolute junk! How do I get a refund?

Sorry for the problem. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Hello, I bought this product in July of 2016. Today I turned the hose on and it did exactly what everyone else is complaining about; the inside hose disengaged from the metal connector and now water spews out from the middle of the hose. Of course we are outside of the 90 warranty period. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK!!!

Same happened to me. I kept it until today, hook it up and the rubber was not even connected the fitting so the water just goes out the nylon. I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK OR NEVER WILL ORDER THROUGH WOOT AGAIN!

If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.