Xhose Pro Original Expandable Hose 75'

Don’t buy these…they are junk. Defective out of the box and dealing with woot’s return procedures is not worth it. Long time buyer on Woot, just not this product.

Don’t buy!! Bought one, broke, had to get a replacement and broke too. They both went after the second use. They break at the brass connection. They use some kind of glue that dry rots the rubber.

Bought two of these.

1 defective right out of the box
1 broke after 2 weeks of use.

Thanks guys I was about to drop the hammer on this

Don’t buy. Bought on last time it was on woot. I literally connected the hose and turned on the water and it broke. Chalked it up to a waste of $25. Wasn’t worth the time to try and return to get a replacement. This product is complete garbage. Woot should quit pushing it.

Got it in March. Used it once to see if it was ok, just used it now in June and it broke. Rubber pulled from the copper end. Terrible