Xhose Pro - Your Choice

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Xhose Pro - Your Choice
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Can’t click the buy button. Says I must select all items. WTF guys, do you want to sell these or not?

Unless you only need the unexpanded length of this hose - DON’T DO IT!!! I bought one for my girlfriend after many months of begging, only to wind up telling her “I told you so.”

As soon as you release the pressure on the hose, by the ridiculous act of pulling the trigger on the sprayer, the hose immediately begins to shrink back to it’s original size, either pulling you along with it, or yanking the hose right out of your hand.

I use two of these all of the time. I have a fifty foot one that fits in a tiny container. Sure beats having to have a huge hose reel on the deck.


Weird… I’m not having that issue. What size hose are you trying to buy? I’ll report this issue to our Devs.

i had 2 of these hoses and they are crap… the ends will blow out in the first season of use dont waste your money

Were they the brass or plastic ends?

What kind of pressure can they withstand? I have a lot of it at my house!

Don’t waste your $$$.!!!

I had 3 of these in a month, and each one exploded in the middle of the hose.!
They can’t take any pressure at all.!!

Junk. Had four of them and they all split at exactly the same spot, just below the male fitting, after just a use or three. Company was nice enough to replace, three times, but I gave up after the fourth died. Never again.

Looks like in the description it’s says turn off hose at spigot. I am assuming turning of at the nozzle causes pressure build up and blows? Any comment to that?

Assume it’s pressure however I’m on a well here and our pressure is not very strong. My hoses were drained and stored after using. I’m not understating it, all four of mine failed after less than a half dozen uses.

Thanks for the feedback. That helps because we have a lot of pressure. I bet the second I turn if off from the nozzle and walk 100 ft to turn off the spigot it will explode. Love the idea but don’t want to waste $$. Thanks!

Don’t buy. The end blew out of mine the second time I used it. I will think twice before buying from Woot again.

Seems the X-Hose Pro was already replaced by the X-Hose Pro Extreme, since it just didn’t do the job. So, are these all new old stock?

Hmmm, so based on your post, every time you have a faulty product, you never shop at that store again? I imagine you are quickly running out of places to shop. Just sayin’

Beware and read the reviews and comments above.

And to the post immediately above this. Ummm… I think, maybe, just maybe, he’s warning people about the bad quality of these items. Just like so many others. And, yeah, when there are a bunch of bad reviews, including frequent entire failure of the intended purpose of a product, I, too, tend to steer clear. And as to the seller, when they have an increasing reputation for selling junk, that’s always good to know.

& risk personal injury as the brass end flies off and hits you, I’ll pass on these (gimmicks) anyway…