Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Watch Activity Tracker

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Watch Activity Tracker

Providing “Up to 4 months of autonomy” at less than 25 bucks, this seems like too good a deal to pass up. Does it come with any kind of certification so I can get my wife and my boss to recognize its authority? I realize that’s likely a more costly feature.

On a barely more serious note, this was obviously written by the ESL manufacturer. Is Woot moving so much of Amazon seller’s cheap crap that they can’t keep up with writing good copy any longer? What’s a love-shaped track? How do I ‘open the GPS completely?’

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So you don’t need to carry a power bank during a cross-country race.

I mean… that’s like a months worth of battery power right there depending on how fast you race.

But then if you can run 2000+ miles you can probably haul around a watch with a backpack battery pack you’d need to pull that off…