Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter


I never understood. Are these legit legal? Or do some states ban it ?

In my city they are allowed in Southern California. Best to check with your police dept for the quickest answer. The build and quality of these are very good. I have bought several different makes and even a clone of these and the clone plain out sucks ass. The power fluctuates on bumps and battery doesn’t last long, gets hot. The body is plastic and not metal. The people selling the clone claims it is the same thing, no way. It is even smaller in size by a bit.

Seems to be less a state thing, and more a local city thing. Check your city regs. The conflict you hear about is generally based around Lime/Bird and other scooter rental companies. Personal scoots are, to my knowledge, hardly regulated in most of the USA. At most, wear a helmet, and speed limits in parks.

Solid price. I suspect these will see a massive price drop at Walmart soon. We will revisit this post in a month. :wink:

Also worth noting you can increase the top speed on these easily via Do It Yourselves on Youtube. I would be careful though. A very popular streamer named Shroud recently hurt himself badly on one of these scooters. Could easily have cost him a large portion of his revenue from not being able to work. Just be safe. Don’t fly over the handle bars.

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They just came out with the Pro version of this last week. The pro has upgraded brakes, LCD display screen (this has just led indicators), beefier brake, and more battery for longer range. If you are desperately in need of an unusually long range, get the pro. If you just need to go <15 miles (which is almost everyone) this one just became cheaper, so it’s a smart buy.

The Lime scooter rental service originally used a slightly modified version of this scooter until early this year. These didn’t hold up well to the physical abuse they got as rentals left in the street, but are plenty sturdy enough for private use.

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I commuted with a Razor A5 Lux kick scooter for a couple years and enjoyed it most of the time. A word of caution: With the state of the roads and sidewalks in my area, pot holes and cracks can plant your face in the pavement in a split second. I broke my shoulder, my thumb and gashed my eyelid, and had a number of lesser falls. You have to know what you are doing and stay constantly vigilant.

If you’re in a major city you may be better off finding one of these second hand and spending the $35-$50 bucks converting one. No reason to pay this much (unless you want to) for something being discarded on the streets.

Interesting you would have to warn someone about being vigilant while driving… or texting while driving… or sleeping while driving…

But yes, be careful of potholes, etc. I used a scooter downtown and had to “hop” the front wheel over a trolley track in the road. If I wasn’t paying attention, that easily would have taken me down right in front of traffic.

Does Woot offer the ability to purchase the 3 year Asurion warranty on this? Amazon allows you to add it to your cart at time of purchase.

Also, does anyone have any experience/remedies for the issue of the folding mechanism breaking? I assume that would be covered under either the manufacturer’s warranty or the Asurion warranty, correct?

Thanks for the input!!

From their site, doesnt say any in US has those issues. See below.

We recently became aware of a potential safety issue with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (Model: M365), as it was determined that in a limited number of production units, a screw in the folding apparatus has the potential to come loose, causing the vertical component to break from the main body while in use. There are 10257 affected units, these were produced between October 27, 2018 and December 5, 2018, and are primarily concentrated in the United Kingdom (7406pcs). Other affected regions are: Germany (613pcs), Spain (509pcs), Ireland (443pcs), Denmark (258pcs), Kazakhstan (200pcs), Myanmar (175pcs), Colombia (97pcs), Turkey (80pcs), Laos (79pcs), Italy (37pcs), Hungary (34pcs), Greece (31pcs), Korea (30pcs), Macau (25pc), United Arab Emirates (22pcs), Belgium (17pc), Portugal (16pcs), Singapore (14pcs), Russia (1pc) , Thailand (1pc), and unidentified (169pcs). (The above information may differ due to free transfer among different regions, which may not be accurate.)


Thanks for the quick, and great, insight on the folding mechanism concerns.

Anyone know about purchasing an extended warranty from Asurion (or someone else) alongside a Woot purchase? I don’t see that option anywhere like you see on Amazon or other sites.

RE: Aluminum or Metal latch breaking/Folding mechanism

The modding community is extensive for this scooter. If in fact you do end up with the AL version of the latch which is more susceptible to breakage, you can retrofit it with a non-AL one for minimal additional cost.

Yes this is a pain to do but…

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Available new from Amazon for $399.00.

[MOD: Ours is new too and saves you money.]

How do you lock these up when not in use? I’m thinking of getting one for my daughter to use for her commute to college (about 2 miles each way), but wasn’t sure how securely she’d be able to lock it up to a bike rack or other fixture. She doesn’t want to carry it into class with her. Is there a good location to run a lock to it?

You can actually use a small bike Ulock to lock it to bike racks that have a section of the rack close to the ground. Lock it around the deck’s angled tube, NOT the vertical steer tube or handlebar.

You can also add a secondary disc lock to the rear, the same type of locks that lock motorcycle disc brake locks. But you can not use just this lock as it’s not secured to a fixed object; it’s only additional/supplemental/secondary.

I would still lock it up in a very public place (for passive security), only during the day, and never leave it overnight. In between classes on a college campus during the day I think would be OK.

Having said all of this, I still would not lock them up much and would try to keep it with me. Or plan to use a different mode of x-port if I can’t.

Any experiences out there for a not small, not big person. 6’2" 230 on one of these? Thanks!

Not sure if it’s just an advisory, but the load range listed in the manual is 55 - 220lbs. :confused:

Dang!! Hmmm diet? Nah!
Thanks for the info, CQ.

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