Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

It’s back. Let’s see how shipping goes this time… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

where was it before?

This is a very good product. Well designed. I bought one and a knockoff. The knockoff was a joke, electrical issues, throttle not consistent and jerky. Also the battery has lost 50% capacity already. The body was plastic and not metal like the Xiaomi. Also the folding joint has so much play when locked up tight and it is getting worse each time you ride it, feels unsafe. All the bad things the knock off has the Xiaomi is superior. It has been solid and feels like it is made with precision engineering and manufacturing. The battery is also holding up good.

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'twas here, or someplace very much like here

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On woot? Where else would I mean mate? lol. Walmart also had it as did Amazon.

Xiaomi has posted the following on their webpage:


We recently became aware of a potential safety issue with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (Model: M365), as it was determined that in a limited number of production units, a screw in the folding apparatus has the potential to come loose, causing the vertical component to break from the main body while in use. There are 10257 affected units, these were produced between October 27, 2018 and December 5, 2018, and are primarily concentrated in the United Kingdom (7406pcs). Other affected regions are: Germany (613pcs), Spain (509pcs), Ireland (443pcs), Denmark (258pcs), Kazakhstan (200pcs), Myanmar (175pcs), Colombia (97pcs), Turkey (80pcs), Laos (79pcs), Italy (37pcs), Hungary (34pcs), Greece (31pcs), Korea (30pcs), Macau (25pc), United Arab Emirates (22pcs), Belgium (17pc), Portugal (16pcs), Singapore (14pcs), Russia (1pc) , Thailand (1pc), and unidentified (169pcs). (The above information may differ due to free transfer among different regions, which may not be accurate.)

The affected serial numbers (S/N) range from: 21074/00000316 - 21074/00015107 and 16133/00541209 - 16133/00544518.

We have now issued a proactive product safety recall for the units potentially affected. The recall program will start on June 26, 2019 for the United Kingdom and July 1, 2019 for other markets.

As such, we are encouraging all those who purchased this product to immediately stop using the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (M365) until they have determined whether their scooter is part of the recall. Related details appear below.

Working closely with our Mi Electric Scooter manufacturer, we have remedied the issue moving forward. We sincerely apologize for any concern this may have caused our customers.

Warning: If any user notices a screw coming loose on their scooter, please DO NOT try to fix the issue on your own. We strongly encourage users to read our instructions carefully before operating. *Disclaimer: Any scooters that were modified are not part of this recall.

How to Determine if Your Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (M365) is Subject to Recall

Consumers who purchased the product can easily determine if their Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (M365) is subject to recall by entering the serial number in the box below. The serial number can be located as shown.

If your device is part of the product safety recall program, you will immediately receive a prompt asking to enter your email address. Within 72 hours, you will receive additional information regarding the repair of Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter at no cost to you.

Why Woot hasn’t addressed this safety issue and product recall on their webpage is concerning. Even if the models Woot is selling are unaffected by the recall, they should let potential buyer know, up front, that a recall is in order.

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ordered the white color. Please Please ship me a brand new one. Tired of dealing with open box ones…

" * Applicable terrain: Cement, asphalt, flat soil pavements, bumps or steps less than 0.4 inches high, less than 1.2 inches wide"

Oh, well, tough luck for me on rural gravel hilly roads! Besides what is the weight limit and how does that affect the range?

Max load 220 pounds. 18.6 mile range if the rider is only 165 pounds. If the rider weighs more, I would think that would reduce the range.

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In for 2! Here’s to the start of my scooter gang.


Gang Gang


Recommended age:* 16 - 50 years old
Oh man, i cannot buy one, i am too old!!

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Range is rough to measure because hills also factor heavily. Once the battery gets to about 50%, it’s ability to get up hills drops considerably.

My boyfriend and I bought one full price $499 on Amazon in June 2018. We love it! It’s got just the right amount of power and you can scoot around the city to meet friends without having to recharge at their place. I highly recommend it for this price, although the recall is concerning.

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So I am 51 Years old and weigh 221. I guess I’m out.

(I’m not staff, but here’s my take on this.)

In the US, recalls are issued through the CPSC. As none of the units in the recall were shipped to the US, there isn’t one that would be issued – therefore, none that could be stated.

In the US, we don’t have a need to know if a new Renault has a recall, just like those in Europe don’t need to know if a new Chevrolet has a recall. It doesn’t apply to the respective market.

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re: Recall.

It’s a nut and bolt, folks. If you don’t notice it working its way out, let alone not spend 15 seconds tightening it back up, you probably shouldn’t be operating any type of conveyance without adult supervision.