Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

You and me both…Although I’m a little further away in each category. :wink:

I get where you’re coming from with this comment, but since Chevy Europe only ceased operation in 2015 or 2016? customers would still need to know about recalls. Chevy was tearing up the British Touring Car Championship for a while with the Cruze. Regardless, your comment is very true. I WOULD love a Renault Megane in the states though. If I had the money, I could also import a Renault 5 Turbo…

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I own this already - I am really tempted to buy another at this price. These started at $700 then stuck around at $499 and I jumped on it at $399 — so $329 is a great deal.

While not perfect - you can’t really get any better at this price point to go about 18mph for about 18 miles.

Anyway I highly recommend this one.

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Yes you can. It’s called a bicycle. You can get a cheap bike for less money than this and go as many miles as you want and can handle much more types of terrain. The movie Wall-E comes to mind everytime I see these.

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Is there any way to lock it if you have it parked outside of a store or restaurant so nobody can ride off with it? (Similar to Lime or Bird?

In the app, you can slide right to “lock” the scooter, but it wouldn’t really stop someone from picking up and stealing it.

The app/bluetooth seems unsecure on it, so I imagine they could unlock it fairly easily.

Just fold it up and carry it in? it’s only 25 lbs…

To anyone who already owns one, does it come with the kickstand? Or is that separate purchase/install?

Hi there. It comes with the kickstand as shown.

Mine came in after much anticipation and there’s no darn voltage converter, how am I supposed to charge it if it’s not the right kind of plug?!

Contact the company via the warranty link in the features. They’ll get you one. Sorry about that.

Done. Thank you! Asked them for a US charger since even with an adapter the whole reverse polarity thing can/will happen and damage it.

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Just an update–emailed them over the weekend and no dice yet…they have yet to even open it :frowning: Hoping they get back to me!

Well, weekend. Let them get things going on a business day. May take a bit to catch up.

If you don’t hear something by later tomorrow, contact Woot customer service and tell them you’ve already tried to contact the vendor from the warranty.

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What is the app called? There are a number of xiaomi related apps in the playstore. Thanks!

Found this after a bit of Googling:

Ninebot looked a bit better after just a quick glance. YMMV.

Receive my scooter today. Also did not have the correct plug in the box. Came with the European plug. Searched every nook and cranny of the box and could not find the correct plug. Sent an email to service.us@xiaomi.com. Not sure if that’s the right email.

That’s not the correct email. Here’s the email address from the warranty link on the features:


Never got a reply from that email. Further the whole darn thing has started to creak and squeak and rattle as it rides after going maybe 15 miles total over a period of a few days. I just emailed Woot Returns…this isn’t worth keeping :frowning: I so wanted this to be the ultimate ride but alas, I shall wait for a better scooter to come.

I’m very sorry that they didn’t get back to you. Woot customer service will take care of you.

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