Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

I bought one last go round. Arrived brain dead. Famous error 14 well documented on web. I bought it for the wife and had to return it. Tears were shed. Many problems reported on the web where it breaks after very limited use.

Thank you for this insightful and specific comment.

Mine arrived yesterday, I opened it up and… the power cable is the wrong one, it came with a euro power cable. Am I the only one?

Hello. Sorry about that. Contact SDONA and they’ll take care of it…

Their contact info is on the warranty link from the features.

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So my scooter came in yesterday. The power cable is a European power plug, so I had to use one of the other plugs I had sitting around the house.
The screws that hold the handlebars are in a little baggie that somehow came loose, I almost threw them away.
The rear brake needed adjustment, and the tires needed air but with those taken care of and a fresh charge it worked just fine.
Mine is the European black model, so if you want to flash it to go a little faster you can.
So far it’s exactly what you would expect if you ordered it online as the European version from a retail store. It is one of the newest ones, with the steel clip in the folding hinge and almost the latest firmware.

Check the packaging for the power cable adapter. If you don’t find it, contact SDONA and they’ll get you one.

Had to redact my response.
You’re right. That site is faker than KimK

Mine arrived a while ago. It’s legit.
Though I messed up my brakes trying to mod it. $15 fix. No biggie, and i overclocked the max speed as well via firmware flash (Huge community/enthusiasts out there, which is one of the reasons I opted for this).
And line your tires with antipuncture tape. Trust me.
I love this, but here’s the dilemma; now I’m down the rabbit hole. I want an even more beefed-up scooter. :confused:

Mine came with the right cable. But the missing cable costs like 10 bucks. It’s up to you though…

@ThunderThighs: so mine came with a European power plug, how do i contact SDONA please. thank you :thinking:

Per the note above, their contact info is in the warranty doc, also linked here. http://attachments.admin.woot.com.s3.amazonaws.com/b31353c2-3d3c-477c-9bc9-0430ad90641c/efc950ea-dffa-4476-aa64-6ff6063fce97/M365%20Limited%20Warranty.pdf