XIM APEX Console to Keyboard Adapter

XIM APEX Console to Keyboard Adapter

This thread will be a dumpster fire if anyone notices this product here. This is one of the most hated devices capable of being hooked up to an xbox. This allows you to run a keyboard and mouse on xbox while pretending to be on a controller. This means you have all the advantages of running a keyboard and mouse against controller players but also get the Auto-Aim built in to the game to help controller players.

This is the most popular way to “cheat” on consoles.

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Soooo, you’re saying I should get one? :wink:

(Yeah, I’ve wondered numerous times how someone was able to line up a perfect shot that quick…Amongst other seemingly impossible feats I’ve seen.)

It’s even better if you hook it up to your PC with a controller because it will get you an aimbot on PC while still allowing you to play on PC. This is why you’ll see a lot of PC players showing as using a controller. It’s because they’re using a keyboard and mouse but tricking the game into thinking they’re using a controller so they have a built-in-aimbot.

This has shown up a lot in Warzone and will show up even more in Cold War when it comes out.

ahhh, so thats how they do it…always wondered

Lovely…I tried Warzone, but couldn’t really get into it. I think I just came into it too late behind everyone that already built up their arsenal. I was hoping Cold War would be good spot to hop in.

Cold War looks like a lot better game on paper simply because they increased the TTK (Time To Kill) to the point where reacting to being shot can save you in higher tier game play. The problem with MW was that you could no longer drop shot or dodge shots since the TTK was under 250 ms. No human could react fast enough to escape death from someone with decent aim. The Cold War is a medium between the new TTK and the old TTK, so it should be the best of both worlds combined.

I look forward to it as it seems to be giving everyone what they want. Let’s just hope they’re smart and remove the SBMM (Skill Based Match Making).

Is the configuration setup only app based? Would suck as usual when the apps stop working.

I really just want a keyboard and mouse for the old RTD like red alert

Bluetooth app based; supported deeply on their forums. Weekly to monthly updates for around a decade. I would check their forums to make sure they support the game you want else you’re going to do trial and error finding a translation that is close enough to tweak for use.