XIT All-in-1 BT Speaker/FM Radio/Powerbank/Flashlight

Can I listen to FM radio with headphones? I don’t see an headphone jack.

Nope, just Bluetooth

Thanks for your reply. I would be interesting if I could play this FM radio through my bluetooth headphones. Wouldn’t it?

I’m pretty sure that would work… Why wouldn’t it?

Hmm, the bluetooth speaker receives bluetooth signals and plays them through the speaker, but I expect that it transmits the FM radio that it receives to a bluetooth headset. All would be revealed (maybe) if I could read the manual for this. Do you have a manual?

Oh - I am thankful that I have a very supportive supervisor at my work. How about you? What are you thankful for this year? THis is just between you and me. :wink:

I’ll ask our vendor if they will share the manual with us.

I’m thankful for the approaching spring season, so it can stop raining here in Seattle. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Haircut - I’ll watch for the manual.

I thought that the primary sign of this year’s spring in Seattle is Bertha leaving her subterranean lair. C’ya!

If she sees her shadow we’ll have 8 more months of rain…

Enjoy the spring and summer (I know that you will. You folks in Seattle talk about rain, but it’s secretly beautiful there. You just want the Emerald City to yourselves.)

No manual, too bad. Thanks for trying and I’ll watch for more Woot! deals.