XIT Auto Focus Macro Extension Tubes for Nikon

This says autofocus, but is it autofocus with all bodies, or only the ones with a focus motor built in?

For example, I have lenses that will focus with my old D80, but not my newer D5100 because the lens doesn’t have a built in motor. All of the newest lenses have this feature, but not every lens available does.

That’s a good question, and made me look since I’m considering these myself. I found some things:
Amazon listing for these, there are some questions and comments that address this http://www.amazon.com/Xit-XTETN-Focus-Extension-Cameras/dp/B00AEEDRFM
Amazon reviews for it http://www.amazon.com/Xit-XTETN-Focus-Extension-Cameras/product-reviews/B00AEEDRFM
Discription on another site: http://www.cameta.com/Xit-Pro-Series-AF-Macro-Extension-Tube-Set-for-Nikon-Cameras-74441.cfm
Youtube video of a test done with these tubes https://youtu.be/qt7-FZQ4wyo

hope this helps

Amazon has them for only $6.50 more, with Prime free shipping, so you’re looking at an extra $1.50 is all.
With Amazon’s much better return policy, I think I’ll stick with the mothership.