XIT Extreme Sports Waterproof Case for iPhone6

Scuba diver here. Be very cautious about this case. The description says it’s rated “IP68 Waterproof”. Your first sign of trouble is the word “waterproof”. Nothing is waterproof. Well okay, maybe a bowling ball but even it would likely not be water proof at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Because of this, legitimate manufacturers of underwater gear tend use “water resistant” rather than “waterproof”. In this particular case, IP68 means water resistant beyond 1 meter. The devil is in the details on this one as to what beyond means. It could fail at 1.1 meters as an example. It could also fail at less than one meter if moved quickly since movement underwater adds additional pressure. It is therefore up to the manufacturer who claims an IP68 rating to state the exact depth at which point it can go without failure either resulting from depth or typical motion it might experience. Unfortunately I cannot find any additional information from the manufacturer which would lead me to believe that it might be suitable for anything but use very near the surface. I certainly wouldn’t trust it with my $800 phone in any situation beyond a foot or two.

Exactly, I’m a diver too and the ONLY case I trust with an iPhone is the Watershot. The picture is deceiving it makes it look like you can dive with this case.

Good point. I’d rather use my GoPro knockoff anyways.

Is work with iPhone 6s and 6s plus? Can you please let me know ?

Should work with a 6S but not a 6s Plus.