XIT HD Car Camcorder w/G-Sensor

$20 for a dash cam is a pretty amazing deal. Has anyone found any reviews for this one? I can’t find any anywhere.

Also trying to find any details about this product on ANY other site. Not on amazon, google comes up empty…

Found this, it looks almost the same but the specs are a little different.


Some more apparently identical items from Amazon, coming in as low as $23.49. Reviews are… Not glowing, but possibly worth taking a chance.





I got mine yesterday.

Anyone gotten much of a chance to play with theirs? I’m finding myself unsatisfied with how it records. If I enable cyclic recording, then it only saves the last 3/5/10 minutes I set it to, and even then, I often don’t get the full value. If I disable cyclic recording, then it records until it is full and then stops recording until I manually delete some files.

Also, mine does not have the HDMI port advertised. I don’t really care that much, but Woot should really be looking into it.

The box and camera both lack any sort of branding. I’m fairly confident that this is just a Chinese knock-off of an already cheap, low-end dash cam.

Mine has menu functions that operate in a distinctly different fashion from what the manual describes. Also lacks the HDMI and AV connections described in the manual. Also the manual itself reads as if the original Chinese was fed into Google Translate without any human moderation.

Hmm. Sorry about that. Have you tried reaching out to XIT yet? These have a 1yr warranty through them.

If you need any extra help, please feel free to email support@woot.com with your order info and situation; our CS team can check into things.