XIT Mini Wi-Fi Security Camera

I’ve got to know. Is this a quality camera? I can find reviews anywhere else online.

This looks like it at the mothership

Could have sworn I already commented on this camera last week, but here it is again. I have the same camera, but I bought it when it was called “Clever Dog”.

Works fine, but you do have to supply your own microSD card (32gb or less) and you have to position it manually. The app lets you set the time of day that it monitors and when it will notify you of movement. It will recognize things like bugs and light changes as movement. I have it setup in my garage, so if a bug gets in there or the garage door light goes off 3 minutes after I have already gone inside, it will send me an alert.

It seems to do a pretty good job and if I actually needed another one, I would certainly buy this one.