XIT Power Banks

How long does it take to charge the internal battery and then how long to discharge it?
Can it be charged via the USB (via wall outlet or computer USB ports) and if so how long does that take?
Xit Voltix 13600 mAh Dual USB Solar Power Bank Battery Charger w/ Flashlight

other questions you should be asking is the specs on the two outputs that are NOT Listed. It shows it charging a cell phone and a tablet. My SABRENT has a 1Amp and a 2.1Amp output. Also the 9,800 mAh model’s solar imput is 5v/180mA and this model only bumps it up 20mA and its going to charge a phone and a tablet off the solar ?!?

Looking at some of the reviews on Amazon for products that are made by XIT seems to be have some quality control issues.

yes many questions to be asked and answered with many peeps jumping in without knowing anything about this other than some poorly translated specs from the vendor…

In regards to the solar charger kit. Save your money and get a goal zero Nomad 7 with the Guide 10+ battery bank. I love mine.

These cheap novelty party favor versions are not worth your time or money. I’ve wasted my money on a few of them just to end up with the goal zero which my backpacking buddies tried to get me to buy in the first place.