XL Twin Sheet Set - 300TC


  1. Screw colleges and the retail bedsheets for inventing this size bed and then acting like they did you a favor by giving you a slightly longer bed than a twin. Twin beds suck.

  2. Why are Twin XL sheets always such low threadcount. College kids automatically want to sleep on crap sheets?


I was about to buy these for my regular twin bed for that memory foam mattress I just bought off here a month ago, when the price with shipping and tax brought it to more expensive than 400 thread count sheets at Wamlart for a regular twin. I guess I’ll pass, but I liked Hunter. ):

I bit the bullet and bought a set of each for my kids. The kiwi kind of matches my daughter’s comforter and will be a good extra set for her bed. So what if it’s a bit big, right? The hunter doesn’t really match my sons stuff, but he has a really thick mattress and I’d be thrilled to get a set (especially at this price) that will fit his bed. Of course, my husband’s going to throw a fit when he sees another woot box, but oh well. I scored crap tonight for the first time, so I’m happy.