Xlogic VD328 Camera Tripod

I bought one of these the last Wootoff and it arrived broken. The head was snapped off the center tube just above the gear track. It is a relatively thin PVC tube (1/2" inner diameter) and not very sturdy.

It wasn’t worth shipping back or kvetching about so I thought I’d attempt to bodge it back together. As it happens, a 1/2" barbed brass air line splice and some epoxy did the trick. (The air line splice tube cost $4.89.)

The legs are a bit springy so I’d suggest hanging some weight from the center hook thing and using the camera timer or a cable release.

Would I buy one again? No. I’d opt for the carbon fiber one I missed out on this time.

thanks beerguide for sharing your experience… now I feel much better to have missed that woot.

These are great for off-camera flash placement.

Who needs a $89 or $439 carbon-fiber tripod for a flash when you can get 3 of these shipped for $16.97 total?

You snooze you loose :smiley:

Missing my quick attach adaptor? Anyone else?