Xlogic VD628 Camera Tripod

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Xlogic VD628 Camera Tripod
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Xlogic VD628 Camera Tripod

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Xlogic VD628 Camera Tripod [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Xlogic VD628 Camera Tripod

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cool for 8 bucks

I sign up with woot tonight, after regretfully thinking back on all the great deals I have seen in the past, and this is what I get? Ice cream makers, toy cars, and now a tripod? Woe is me.

I’m feeling you right now. Everything that I would have bought sold when I was at work.

Since this wootoff sucks, change of subject… how many of you use dealextreme?

I signed up tryin to get the mouse but it was sold out by the time i tried buying it =(

Okay I give up, no Beaker of Coolness can keep me up anymore, my body is just shutting down on me.

on the plus side - avatar/username COMBO

What is the hook on the bottom for?

I bought one. Needed a Tripod and this is a good price. This same one is going for around $25-$30 on the internet.

It has good reviews too.

Good deal on a ice cream maker;

Buy 3

We can put all the USB drives in and make a tasty data freeze.

to put a weight so that the tripod wont move

The comment disappeared, but the hook on the bottom is for when you have a heavy camera on the tripod so you can hookup something to the bottom that weighs a lot to counter-balance the tripod so it doesn’t tip over.

I was wondering the same thing…maybe to hang your camera bag, or for some added weight for more stability? Or your hat.

Maybe you can put a weight on it to keep it from moving or tipping over on an unsteady surface.