XMark Adjustable Dumbbell



It appears that this is a single dumbbell, so don’t forget to order a pair.


Sounds great, can help balance out my one gigantic right arm.


Link to XMark official site seems to be broken.


Ooooh, thanks. We’ll get that fixed.


I keep looking back at these things.

At first glance they seem to solve a real issue of replacing a dumbbell rack for a home gym.

The whole problem with dumbbells (other than the size a full set will take up) that aren’t instagrab or individuals is that you take time between exercises pulling plates on and off. This really does impact a workout enormously over the course of it’s/your lifetime.

Then I keep hitting the same wall. Most of them stop at or around 50lbs.
Honestly, most guys are going to need more than this for numerous exercises (if they manage to stick to a regime).

The ones that go higher seem to be space saving only and not the quick dial and grab design, and they’re in the same ballpark prices of full racks with pairs of Dumbbells again.
The only one that does go this high is the bowflex 1090, and…Just look at the price on a pair of those…


I really like the idea of all of these. I just wish they had a heavier option with the singles that wasn’t an absolute ripoff.
It would save me a lot of room, actually allow a decent workout without continuous pausing to slap on/take off new plates, which would justify it’s purchase instantly.

I just thought I’d chime in and mention that these would be a really great starter set, and likely a better long term option for ladies, but if you’re planning on pressing exercises, and even bicep curls, you’re going to hit that wall fairly quickly and start eyeing up pairs of single heavier DB’s again. And then a rack to hold them…And then some more…And you’re back to no space in your garage again :smiley:


You can get the bowflex 1090’s around $200 a pop (400 for a pair) around the holidays, Black Friday, Cyber monday. If you add up the price of singles from 10 - 90lbs in 5lb increments, you’d spend wayyy more than that. How is that a ripoff? It amounts to 17 different weights, which is less than $12 per weight if you get it at $200. Even at the Amazon price you linked that’s $16 a pop,…try getting a 90lb dumbbell for $16, good luck! Bite the bullet and get the Bowflex, they even have no interest financing. I don’t work for the company, but I do own a pair, and they are beast.


Thanks, JagoMidnight.

You’re right. At a lower price I would be tempted.

Any problems with durability as some others have noted?


Personally, I would find a reasonably sized dumbell that goes in 5lb increments up to ~40-50lbs more useful than one that tries to be everything between 10-200 lb, but has a ridiculously large form factor that prevents effective use in a lot of exercises. There should be at least 2 sets. One that offers large weight range and course grain weight changes, and one that offers the opposite.


I have one of the original PowerBlock sets (http://www.powerblock.com/prod_homeuse.php) adjustable from 5 lbs to 45 lbs and couldn’t be happier. I feel they are very well made and have taken a beating without fear of breaking them. They also make some sets now that are expandable to higher weights.

One major pro of the PowerBlocks is that when using lighter weight the dumbbells actually get smaller… some adjustable sets (I don’t know about the XMark) remain the same size regardless of how much weight they are set to; which can severely limit range of motion in some exercises.


If I had the money I’d definitely buy two of these. These kind of things rarely drop below $300 for the pair it seems. Especially not shipped.

Normally dumbells are around a buck a pound so buying all of these would cost more and take up more space. Oh well, guess I’ll stick with my resistance bands for now.


the direct competition for this dumbbell is the bowflex 552, which goes up to 52.5 pounds. http://www.amazon.com/Bowflex-SelectTech-Adjustable-Dumbbells-Pair/dp/B001ARYU58/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362008663&sr=8-1&keywords=bowflex+select+tech+552

these (woot posted) weights go up by 10lb intervals from 10-50. As a result, one of these dumbbells effectively covers five weights (10, 20, 30, 40, 50). bowflex go up by 2.5lb for the first 25 and 5lb increments after that (and 52.5 at the top end). that’s 15 different dumbbells in one!

sure a big muscle man is going to need more than ~50lb per dumbbell but for a lot of people that is more than plenty. i have the 552’s and i would strongly vouch for them. only problem i would mention is they get clunky at the highest weights and unwieldy for certain exercises. for people operating at low weights, being able to hop up from 15 to 17.5 or 22.5 to 25 is a huge plus.

anyway, thats my experience :slight_smile:


i’m far from a “big muscle man” (i’m 5’10" and weigh a whole 150 lbs), but everything that i use a dumbbell for… i’m using AT LEAST 55 lbs. typically much more.

for a lot of things (ie: bench press, which they show in their promo video), this isn’t even in the same ballpark.

edit: if these went up to even just 80/85 lbs, i’d be all over it.


$110 for a single dumbbell? No thanks, I’ll just be less lazy and keep adding and removing weights manually from my current ones.


I was going to hop on these until I saw that they go in 10 lb increments instead of 5. That is a problem. There is a big difference in 10 lbs, especially when exercising smaller muscle groups (shoulders for one).


If you don’t like the 10lbs increments, then pickup 4-2.5 lbs magnet add-on weights to changed to 5 lbs increments.

Not sure if it’s worth the cost or just buy a different brand of weights.


I can vouch for the PowerBlock Classic 50 dumbells. They adjust from 5-50 lbs and you can buy an expansion set to add 20 more lbs. Less bulky and less expensive than Bowflex. $299 and totally worth every penny. 5-70 lbs in a compact space.


I have not tried these, but Powerblocks are far superior to Bowflex, Reebok, or Gold’s adjustables, and I can’t see any advantage these would offer, either. Powerblocks can’t be beat in terms of form factor, size, weight increments, ease of weight change or feel. I’d save some more money and get Powerblocks.