Xonix 256MB MP3 USB Watch


Welcome to the Woot-Off item #12 topic page for this product on Friday, October 8th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Xonix MP3 USB Watch here…


first posts are so stupid. anyway, this woot-off thing is nice but it makes me realize i have absolutely no life.




Sigh, I expected this :frowning:

Hopefuly this will sell out, since this is such a GREAT DEAL!




I have no life either…

Already bought one of these, sitting back and waiting.


I never wanted one of these… I’ll pass. Those binocs went faster than expected!




Maybe if it said Woot! instead of Xonix


How much is it? If below $20 I will buy


pass aldready got an ipod… i pod have a clock in there ke ke ke


blah - where are the laptops!


Okay, all you nerds who said “I want the watch” FRIGGIN BUY IT ALREADY


do the guys at slickdeals know something we DONT???


Have a feeling this will be here for a while. :?


all wooters buy it u know u like it


Song Yang, try clicking that “Today’s Woot” button. It might help.

($99.99 be the Woot price)


Dont need it…Mikey get that script running so I dont have to sit here all night :slight_smile:

More speakers??? Bag’O’Crap III???


froogle comes to 130, not really worth it…I already have a watch and a 20 GB MP3 player/External HDD…Ill pass and wait for the next item


[quote user=“dragoon740”]do the guys at slickdeals know something we DONT???

Old news, check out the DVDRW thread.