Xonix Stainless Steel 128MB USB Watch


Welcome to the Xonix USB Watch topic for Wednesday September 8th 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the watch here.


first for this poopy item


im going to commit suicide.


crap i tell ya


You should use the usb cable on this watch for your suicide, it might make the price worth it.





Official Woot Price: $24.99


can we get some free pocket protectors with this? :lol: :lol:


I can now carry my music and know what time it is…too bad i can’t listen to it.


what happened to woot?! :cry:


Crap? Why you say its crap? Is good!

Commencing internal battle…


Woot The Fuck! :smiley:

Woot The Fuck! :shock:

Woot The Fuck! 8)

Woot The Fuck! :roll:


I bought 60…I figure I can link 'em together and climb outta this joint.



Watch will already be water logged after being at 300 meters, but at least you won’t get the bends! :wink:



Ya’ll that’s not a bad woot deal… compared to other USB watches, it’s a friggin’ steal


A watch that will tell me the time and then I can say to people " This is my 007 USB Flash Memory Watch and it is Leathal."


geeky techno drivel
totally worthless
I love it
not buying it but I like the direction of more fun useless items
if I want to bargain shop for drives and useful shit I can do ebay or other sites
more useless woot!


i have one of these, they are really pretty useful. I use it almost daily at work actually and it looks good to boot. Also it is definitely a conversation starter, this is a good price too because I paid just under 50 for mine several months back.


Still nothing I want/need. :roll:

Now if it was 512MB then I would think twice.


Out of curiosity, what would someone use a USB watch for?

Here’s a good reason to use a USB watch:
Yes! The plug o’ the night. Hidden within a question.