Xpal iPhone 3G and 3GS Protective Case with Rechargeable Battery



I dont have an iphone GTFO ITEM


what is that


I may of saw this in a trashcan once.




Hm. This one may last a while. Time to go grab a sandwich and a beer, folks.


good idea.


You’d need an iPhone to use this. This limits how many people will buy it u_u next item come soon.


We’re dead. Just dead.



Yeah, hardly anybody has those.


kidswoot is deader


WAIT - there is hope. People with iPhones can’t read or search. We should be back in business in no time!


lol and yet they’re going at a quick pace… maybe people think they’re buying a 3g phone?


I have a 3Gs, but not wasting my time on a piece of junk that makes it so I cant fit it in my pocket anymore.


I am late! Have we had a Dyson vacuum sold yet


NOOO!!! not this week woot I don’t get paid until Friday XD. oh well, night guys, happy wooting.




almost half way there


yah who has those
<<< posting from my woot watch app


Nope. But you missed some REALLY cool stuff. So did most of us that were watching too!