XPal Portable Li-Po Battery Pack

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XPal Portable Li-Po Battery Pack
$15.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 XPal Harry II XP2000 Portable Li-Po Battery Pack

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Ummm. Why would woot be wooting this, when we all know that battery packs don’t work… Or maybe I’m thinking of jet packs. Oh yea. Jet packs don’t work. Nevermind. Battery packs are always good.

hmmm this could go well with my m-audio microtrack.

Only rechargeable 500 times? What’s the point of free tips for life if it only is good for ~2 years or so?

Can this drive a laptop at all? Even if it’s like 30 mins?

So what exactly is this? A sort of portable, external battery? Also does this work with laptops?

I would seriously consider buying it if woot offered a similar product that could run my HP Pavillion DV2840 laptop.

I had suggested Xantrex’s xpower portable power 100 to woot 6 months ago. It has a three prong ac outlet and the usb outlet. Great for mobilwarriors. (at that time it was on sale for 69.95 at tigerdirect)

So it plugs into my cell… could i use the cords to plug my cell into a computer to charge instead of using the battery?

A comment please, from someone who has used this. Should I get one? or two? How well does it work?

Is it compatable (compatible?) with the iPhone?

Terrible description. Not funny.

Are you serious?! It says “xpal portable li-po battery pack” in the darn title! Not within the description, the actual TITLE. Do you rush here to comment before you even read the main page?

No. It’s a 5 volt battery pack to charge or run portable devices. For example, you can charge your cellphone or PDAs without plugging them into an outlet.

I have an identical unit from another company and it provides about 3 charges to my PDA before it needs recharging. It doesn’t have enough power to run or charge a computer.

omg all tips included, and lifetime of tips if you don’t have the right one… to get or not to get thats the question

How much does it cost to ship the tip?


What’s the S&H fee for the “free” tips?

Very nice! I could have used one of these on my trip recently as a quick backup. 22 hrs in the car (in some states where I couldn’t have the phone in hand so it stayed in my pocket, using bluetooth car speaker from a wootoff). I couldn’t plug anything else into the cigarette outlet. Could have helped in a pinch at one point.