XPal Portable Li-Po Battery Pack


They have tip number MB02 on their website for the iPhone (2G and 3G).

Don’t know what the shipping & handling charge is though.

Worry Free–Guaranteed to work with all 13-inch and smaller laptops

such is the case with any Lithium-Ion battery device



Some last longer than that don’t they?

39.99 at the mfg website. got 2 w00t

my thoughts exactly

I bought a similar item from a woot-off, a Zap battery pack. It has been the second best thing ever (still looking for the first). The battery pack is useful, I use it once or twice per month. The real strength of this type of product lies in the USB cable and swappable tips. These allow me to carry every thing I need to charge all of my portable gadgets in one small bag when I travel. I use it to charge my mp3, phone (old one, not iPhone), Sony PRS-500, and my Cowon PMP. As for the charge 500x, I’ve carried it every day for over 1 year and have charged it maybe 10 times. Good for 50 years!

Yes. All you need is a cord with USB plug on one end and your phone’s plug on the other. USB ports output 5 volts.

does it work with the PSP?

No, but this can

Yes. It has an output thats USB. It will work with the iPhone.

It looks like this model doesn’t power large devices–it only has USB@5V.
Product page: http://www.xpalpower.com/us/index.php?module=products&action=show&xpid=4

XPal has a higher capacity unit with more connectors, for higher voltages: http://www.xpalpower.com/us/index.php?module=products&action=show&xpid=2

Typical laptops can only be recharged completely about 300 times. You will probably lose it before you have 500 complete recharges.

Well Woot is taking down my other posts which just drains the fun out of making fun of this joke of a device. thanks for censorshipping, Woot!

I guess it would only be useful if you are camping and miles away from an outlet or a car adapter.

Otherwise, be wise and keep your $20.



How exactly do you recharge the thing?

Plug it into a computer and wait?

It’s gone after 300 times or the efficiency is lost after 300 times?

EXACTLY … that’s the gimmick. S/h is probably $5.99 or something equally scam-ful. These tips are worth only about 50 cents or so, and easily made at home. Reminds me of those infomercials that offer a free item as long as you pay the exorbitant additional s/h.

Anything with USB power input