XSORii Power Banks

I got one of these as a freebie. Other than having corporate branding it’s the same thing. Nothing too fancy, but it works and handy to have when you’re phone is running low on power.

The power button is VERY EASY to press, and wasn’t designed to prevent accidental activation. This thing turns on rolling around in a purse, in a pocket, in a bag, or just by being in a tight space. No bueno.

why is the original list price on the gold one twice as much as the others?

Yeah, my company gives branded versions of these out too. Though they don’t come with the charger plug or the fancy hydra cable.

The power button is really easy to press, and the micro usb jack in them breaks off extremely easily, too.

Though with the cable and chargers, especially if the lightning connector actually works, these might not be a bad deal.

It’s real gold dust attached with Elmer’s School glue. Or it was a mistake.

As a heads up, Amazon sells a series of Amazon Basics power banks. Their 10,000 mAh version is about $33 and is eligible for prime shipping. That is only a little more than this product after shipping but has nearly 3 times the charging capability. So I would personally recommend buying one of those instead, plus they have stellar reviews.

EDIT: I guess if you are really attached to this smaller form factor the extra charging capability might seem unnecessary. But there are also 2000 mAh and 3200 mAh options on Amazon for less.

Is this appliance good to be used on an Iphone 5 s?

Does anyone know if this works with kindle?

So far this has been a huge FAIL. the 3 times I have charged the Power Bank, it only charged the device to 50%. Once was an iPhone 6 and the other was a new iPad. the 3rd time it charged the iPhone to 100%.

Also, I never got the car charging adapter.

I’m sorry it hasn’t been working too well for you- have you tried contacting XSORii? It looks like you have a year warranty with them and should be able to contact them here, they may also be able to send you the missing car charger- if not, feel free to email into our CS team and we should be able to help. You can use the support tab towards the top of the page to reach us.