XT Fire Extinguisher – 2 Pack

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XT Fire Extinguisher - 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 XT Portable Class A, B, and C Fire Extinguisher

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I’m always a fan of Woots that compliment my roadside preparedness kit. Good stuff. AND it’s perfect for putting out those sparklers on 4th of July just before your nephew burns his figertips.

Ooooh. Plus, there’s a couple top notch reviews for this on on Buzzillions.

fire extinguishers? Great to have if you start your house on fire i guess =)

So when it says child safe, how child safe is that?

8 1/2 wide???

Transport (or shipping in this case) won’t make them anymore volatile or likely to go off, will it? I know they are designed to spray with quite a bit of force once used and it would suck to order these and just have a soggy package show up…

Are these safe to store in the trunk of my car? Do they lose effectiveness if they are stored in extreme heat or cold?

Quite handy to keep one in the car. You may not save your own hide, but you never know when you’ll be called on to save someone else’s.

OK, I’ll bite. Why do they say “SPACE CENTER” in a mid-80s font?

Wow, good price for two.

I’ll still stick with my Kidde extinguishers, since I’m not familiar with this brand (I think)

So… has anyone tested this out? If you have, please tell the whole story.

So I can put out fires with this? How big of a fire? How do I know where to draw the line and call 911? I am on the fence with this.

These are perfect for the kitchen. I have one and it literally “saved my bacon” once. Well actually the bacon wasn’t saved but it did put out the grease fire.

Are you kidding? I just bought one on Saturday for $20. Sigh.

Everybody, get one and put it NEAR your stove, but NOT next to it. Think about it for a second… if you’ve got to reach over your burning stove to get the extinguisher, what good is it?

Put the other one in your garage or your car.

They lose effectiveness/charge/pressure over time. Have them regularly checked. At the very least, once a year. Replace as necessary.

The perfect product for when tiles from your space shuttle ignite on take off.

It says good until 2011, what happens then? Does it not spray, or does the spray just not extinguish anything?

Has anyone used one of these before, and if so, what’s the largest fire I could handle with one of these bad boys?

I’d hate to bring one of them to a fire fight only to run out before I conquer that blazin’ bastard…

Big difference between ‘wide’ and ‘circumference’. That’s 8 1/2" measured Around the canister.

Geez - Here, I changed it. You all know what was meant.